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 About Me – Marie's Teas

Austo tolit cetero ea eam, at atqui soleat moderatiu usu, vis ut illud putent corumpi. At wisi euripidi duo, vim vide omnies reformida. Populis inimi noluise mea.

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About Me

Greetings and Salutations!
I Hope you have a good day, no matter where you are!
I hope my wishes for your peace and happiness reach you.

Thanks for joining this Moon Bunny’s Adventures and Tea Journey!
You To Have started your Tea Journey and Mastery!
You Are A Tea Artist! Let Your Heart and Joy lead you, and watch your beauty unfold!
Focus on what you Enjoy!

Long Term Drinkers will find Virtue and the Spirit of Tea; Self-Perfection and Spiritual Alertness. Tea is also Humble, Modest, accepting and loving of everyone; and in turn, everyone loves tea. Not just a Fun, Easy Socal Beverage, Tea helps one to become a better person.

Finding Tea for me, personally, was a cosmic connection.
It was like Finding an Old Friend.
A Relationship That you did not know existed, until you see it.

Just As the Moon Loves Everyone, Tea Loves Everyone!

I hope we can have tea together one day!
May Our 茶命运 Chá mìngyùn (Tea Destiny) Bring us Together!

I carry a Few Teas that are Recommended by My Tea Mentors and Teachers,
My special 茶人 Chá réns in my life, and the Teas my good friends and customers love to drink–requesting that I carry it for them.
If you want something special, let me know! I will do my best!

Primarily, My HunnyBunnyHubby and I make tea wares together in our Home Studio!
A True Labor of Love! In 2008, We came together to build a business with a cause: create artisan quality products that are affordable and provide a way for the community to create. That was called Not Made in China Pottery Studio.
It started with one wheel in our home, where we taught and made ceramics.

I hope my Hand Made Teawares bring Aesthetics, Beauty, and Self-Love to you.
I Hope my pots will aid you in your spiritual awaking, detoxing, and de-stressing.
Hope you enjoy my handmade teawares – be it in depression or joyful times!
I Hope my Teaware will encourage a Luxurious Timelessness in your Tea Practice.

Our artwork is one-of-a-kind authentic, limited, & handcrafted original.
Unique & Individualistic; just like you! We craft each Piece individually.
A true collectible. Created with Love.

Handcrafted with Pride. Made in America.
Our Ceramics are food, oven, and microwave safe!
No Heavy Metals or Leads Present!
Our Wares are Completely Handmade from scratch.
Thank you for saving the planet & your country by buying Handmade, local production!

My Future Wish is to eventually provide good jobs in Our Community; providing enjoyable,meaningful work, in particular for elders, youths, & disable persons who desperately want to prove their value to society. We aim to provide work, skills, & support for those looking to build a better life for themselves & their families.

Our growing community reminds us how we are all connected in our humanity.

Thanks to You, we hope to build success greater than mere profits.

We Love Our Work.

We Hope our Passion comes through in our products.

Thank You.